Diamond Greens has Northern California’s only full service Pool Removal Division. In addition to quickly, efficiently and cleanly removing your existing swimming pool, we can provide you with a new yard area with Synthetic Turf, Pavers, a Putting Green, Playground, even a bocce ball court! All at reduced repeat customer price.

At Diamond Greens, we believe in preserving our environment. For that reason we recycle all components of your swimming pool – from pumps, to metal railings, the rebar, and the concrete itself. We also provide certified clean infill when backfilling your pool.


When removing your swimming pool you have two options: you can either remove all the concrete of the pool including the bottom (a complete removal), or you can remove the top few feet of the pool and bury the rest (a partial removal). A complete removal is more expensive but allows you to build on the property now or at a later date. If you don’t need to build over the location the pool existed, a partial┬áremoval will do fine and will cost substantially less.

Don’t worry about permits! We handle all permits for you. If you have an aging pool and want a low maintenance, beautiful backyard – call us! We are your one stop resource!

We offer discount pricing on resurfacing your area once your pool is removed. If you would like a concrete surface where your pool used to be, or decorative interlocking pavers, synthetic turf (even real grass), we can install this for you at a substantial discount over normal pricing. This is possible for two reasons: we are already onsite and familiar with the scope of work, and we can prepare the area ahead of time knowing what the end result will be. For example, if we backfill your pool with clean dirt to make the area level and you then call another company and decide you want pavers installed in that area, the new installation company will have to remove several inches of the dirt we just put in. This would be a waste of time and money. If we know what surface you want for your final outcome we can plan accordingly and pass that savings on to you.