Our Superior Three-Step Installation Process

A Well-Installed Lawn Should Last for 20 Years or More

You want your artificial grass installation to look beautiful for years to come. However, many artificial grass contractors follow inferior installation methods that lead to visible defects within a few short years. At Diamond Greens we’ve created a proprietary three-step installation process that eliminates the major sources of failure:


Our DiamondBasesm process goes above and beyond the “standard” base most contractors provide. We use no less than four inches of compacted aggregate base with an additional 3/4 inch base of compacted fines. The result is a rock-solid base that doesn’t dent or shift over time.


Our exclusive InvisiSeamsm process eliminates the #1 frustration customers have with inferior installations: ugly, visible seams. This occurs because the typical installation method leaves gaps of 1/8” to 1/4” at the seams. With InvisiSeam, your seams are undetectable for a flawless, beautiful lawn.


Our EdgeSafesm process reduces the risk of weeds at the edges and eliminates the possibility of dirt getting under the turf. This time-consuming method calls for carefully tucking the edges all around the turf job and using superior tie-down techniques.